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why are there no tourists.

It seems we have no tourists in Luxor and after what I saw again today,, its no wonder, those tourist who have braved to see Egypt will not come here after again after taking photos like I have,,, see them on THE WHOLE PLACE STICKS NOT JUST OF ANIMAL SHIT BUT OF HUMAN EXCREMENT.

British embassy Cairo,


Anthony Roberts to
show details 13 Feb 2011

to The Honourable Dominic Asquith. and great-grandson of H H ASQUITH.

on a number of occasions I have been in contact with the british embassy, over A problem I have had for the past 5 years , each time I have phoned or e-mailed I have had the same response this is a judicial matter DO NOT BOTHER US, now I have been told by an army general my problem lies with you, now the corruption is finished here in Egypt,
he also said we do not want to hear any more bad things about Egypt now we are trying to make the country better,
Richard fielder was my last contact, I know he has left. but he must have had a secretary so she will have all my past correspondence but will not have the lies I was told when I visited my embassy three years ago. after waiting one week in Cairo for the return of Mr Fieldman who was I was told due in his office
on the next wednesday, rather than go back to Luxor I obted to see a few sights in Cairo and stayed at the cheap Cleopatra hotel opposite the Museum and convenient for the embassy, 7.30 on the wednesday I phoned the office and the girl answered;- he has just come in. so 15 minutes later I was in my embassy’ filled a form in and waited patiently, how may I help you Mr Roberts the lady behind the glass frame asked. as if she did not know . Mr Fielder I asked, he is not here today;- vanished has he, she is the girl who said he has just walked in only one hour ago.
so please Honourable Dominic Asquith, can you pull a few strings here so the puppets work again. I have no money to come bobbing up to my embassy only to be told lies again, all I want is my human rights, now you may go to part of my story that is now on http://myegyptblog save you any hassle You can click on the link isn’t the internet a marvellous way to contact people I hear it was Mr Mubaraks favourite place. and please after you read the second part,do not say WE have an agent in Luxor who will deal with your problem.
this letter as all the other letters will be posted on my blog. such as a letter from Dr Zahi Hawass on corruption of the police; well he did not actually say that he said He will stop the corruption in my case by telling two police generals about how I tried to help recover some Pharaonic pieces, but he also lied to me, the case went worse,
my next blog will be on the corrupt Judges and Lawyers including names on one who 6 months ago told me to shut the fuck up. , and also how they the judges want me out of the country and why. UPDATE 11/5/2011 YOU CAN NOW SEE ZAHI HAWASS E MAILS ON,

Anthony Roberts to consular.cairo
show details 07:59 (12 minutes ago)

its now three months since I e-mailed the right D Asquith, giving you time to get over the upsets here in Egypt, i have not really tried to contact again, you may or rather should be in the know as to my situation here in Luxor. if not go to my blog,
its very disheartening that after 3 months no one has even acknowledged my mail.. at this point in time I have a brigadier Mohamed, looking into my case, and has been for the past 12 days twice he has said he will phone me even given specific times , he also has a tendency to lie or just switches his mobile off when a call comes from Tony.
its seems that each time they get to Sheihk Mohamed Tyeb’s door it gets shut in their faces. and i ask myself is this man above the law . where he can take all my cases out of the corrupt court here in Luxor with a promise of my money back from the swindler Mohamed Awad and his corrupt lawyer Mustafa Atea. give me a first payment with one of the local papers taking photos ,(look what we do for an infidel) my second instalment payment was due 1st February 2011, has not been forthcoming,

but now I cannot take my case back to the court, you also need to be aware that The swindler mohamed Awad tried to kill me. And I was arrested but the corrupt General Ebd Mosin refused to contact you or Ehab Gaddis, after 12 hours under arrest after been assaulted , the judge told me to shut the f*ck up,, because I asked him if I could sit down,




Anthony Roberts to consular.cairo
show details 08:11 (5 minutes ago)

- Show quoted text -
its now three months since I e-mailed the right D Asquith, giving you time to get over the upsets here in Egypt, i have not really tried to contact again, you may or rather should be in the know as to my situation here in Luxor. if not go to my blog,
its very disheartening that after 3 months no one has even acknowledged my mail.. at this point in time I have a brigadier Mohamed, looking into my case, and has been for the past 12 days twice he has said he will phone me even given specific times , he also has a tendency to lie or just switches his mobile off when a call comes from Tony.
its seems that each time they get to Sheihk Mohamed Tyeb’s door it gets shut in their faces. and i ask myself is this man above the law . where he can take all my cases out of the corrupt court here in Luxor with a promise of my money back from the swindler Mohamed Awad and his corrupt lawyer Mustafa Atea. give me a first payment with one of the local papers taking photos ,(look what we do for an infidel) my second instalment payment was due 1st February 2011, has not been forthcoming,but now I cannot take my case back to the court, you also need to be aware that The swindler mohamed Awad tried to kill me. And I was arrested but the corrupt General Ebd Mosin refused to contact you or Ehab Gaddis, after 12 hours under arrest after been assaulted , the judge told me to shut the f*ck up,, because I asked him if I could sit down,


whats all this bull on your website

If you are a victim of a crime, BAG SNATCH ONLY,

Street robberyThe Embassy can help if you are a victim of crime. IS THIS JUST FROM 25/1/11

What we can do to help

We can give general information about local police and legal procedures. We can’t give you legal advice, but can put you in touch with a local lawyer.

If you need medical treatment, we can help you to contact a local doctor. THERE ARE NO DOCTORS IN THE INTERNATIONAL IN LUXOR I WAS TOLD TO GO TO THE ASUIT HOSPITAL,

Contacting friends and relatives

If you want us to, we can contact your relatives and friends and let them know what has happened. In some cases, we can offer financial assistance.

We cannot collect evidence or investigate crimes ourselves, and in many countries investigating authorities and the courts will refuse to answer enquiries from other people and organisations, including our staff.

Local lawyer

So, you should consider appointing a local lawyer who can look after your interests in court, and follow any trial for you. We can give you a list of local English-speaking lawyers.THERE ARE NONE IN LUXOR, AND TRANSLATORS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE LAWYERS, We would not ordinarily attend a court case involving a British national and cannot influence the outcome of any trial.

Back in the UK, you may feel you would benefit from extra support to help you cope with the effects of the crime. Organisations such as Victim Support can help.



Christians Blame Islamists for Deadly Egypt Clash

Egypt promises justice after Copts and Muslims clash in Cairo

I have been promised justice for 19 months from the sheikh of al azhir, but seems a bit slow coming, now ,oh” goody the army are looking into it now,my story on corruption in the courts, the police and lawyers is on

i had an appointment to see brigadier mohamed at 15.00 today this man is the highest officer here in luxor, . or was it because he told me the wrong time, I know that the local tourist police office is closed from 3 till 9 this evening, ah well will have to phone him again later, he did tell me this morning he was busy with all the problems they have in Cairo.

One week ago today I met Khaled the new guvorner of luxor again, he put me in contact with the brigadier, he in turn said,, he will see sheihk tyeb that evening and will phone me at nine the next morning, just be patient I thought , so i sent the general a text message saying,,, are you another who has come to tyebs closed door, during the course of the next few days I tried phoning but each time the phone was cut off, meaning he knew who was calling but closed his phone,, this morning I managed to contact him, and he said call to see me at 15.00 and we will go and see the tourist police. but again he never showed neither is he answering his phone. its what i would call blanking someone, saying things to keep me quiet, the same thing has happened over and over again during the past 6 years, sheihk mohamed tyeb is well versed in this blanking. he has done it more than 15 times , so where does it leave me, all i can do is blog and hope someone high in office like The justice minister, Abdel-Aziz al-Gindi hears of my fight against injustice, ,

Egyptians gather outside a burning church in Cairo
Egypt’s government has promised justice after a clash between Copts and Muslims which led to a church being burned down.

Egypt‘s transitional government moved quickly to defuse tensions after Muslim-Christian clashes in Cairo left 12 dead and cast a cloud over hopes for peaceful post-revolutionary change.

Angry demonstrations erupted in the capital after a Coptic church in the Imbaba neighbourhood was burned down on Saturday night. Military police separated opposing camps at one protest reminiscent of the dramatic events that overthrew the regime in February.

Fighting broke out over rumours, which turned out to be false, that a Christian woman was being held inside a church and prevented from converting to Islam.

Essam Sharaf, prime minister of the military-backed government, postponed a visit to the Gulf to convene an emergency cabinet session, and announced compensation payments for the dead and nearly 200 injured as well as strict implementation of tough new laws banning gatherings outside places of worship.

The government, sensitive to mounting alarm about deteriorating security since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in February, also rushed to announce that all 190 people arrested would be tried in military courts. The justice minister, Abdel-Aziz al-Gindi, pledged to “strike with an iron hand all those who seek to tamper with the nation’s security”.

Imbaba, a poor neighbourhood in the north-west of Cairo, was quiet but tense as night fell. The main al-Wahda street was blocked by armoured cars and patrolling soldiers – trusted far more than the police, who were discredited during the revolution.

Witness described how several hundred Muslims massed outside St Mina church demanding the woman be surrendered. Gunfire was heard and stones and petrol bombs were thrown before the army and emergency services were able to bring the situation under control. A second church was burned down.

Copts, who marched last night to the state TV station, called for national unity but blocked roads and raised tensions.

Egyptian media described the Imbaba attackers as Salafis – fundamentalist Muslims who want the imposition of sharia law. The Salafis, often with links to Saudi Arabia, are seen as having become more visible because internal security is less repressive now than before the revolution. It is also widely believed that elements of the Mubarak regime are encouraging them.

“It’s the previous regime that is responsible for this,” one distraught resident told reporters. “We demand that the higher military council punish all those responsible for this crime,” said George Ishaq, a pro-democracy activist. “This is a crime – not sectarian strife.”

The incident was condemned by the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s main Islamist grouping. “We should crack down on that violence and not let those people ruin what we achieved in the January revolution,” said a spokesman, Essam el-Erian. “The Imbaba incident clearly shows that there are some people who are still working behind the scenes to ignite sectarian strife in Egypt.” Erian echoed popular feeling in suggesting that attacks may have been encouraged by members of the now disbanded National Democratic Party, which ruled Egypt during the Mubarak era.

Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the UN nuclear watchdog and a presidential hopeful, called for “urgent measures … to combat religious extremism and intolerance before Egypt slides into the dark ages”.

Salafis demonstrated in front of the US embassy in Cairo last week after the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Last month 13 people died in similar Muslim-Coptic clashes in another Cairo neighbourhood. Copts make up about 10% of Egypt’s 80 million people.

Over the weekend, democracy activists held a conference to discuss the future of the revolution in advance of landmark parliamentary elections planned for September. The Muslim Brotherhood boycotted the event, saying that the priority was to change the constitution for the post-Mubarak era.



In obedience to chronological order, we should deal with Akhenaten and Nefertiti first. Undoubtedly, Akhenaten’s reign, in the mid-14th century bc, was the most unusual religious and artistic phase of the Egyptian New Kingdom (1550–1069), if not the entire pharaonic period. During the first few years of his reign he appears to have developed an obsession with the cult of the Aten (literally the ‘sun-disc’), a considerably more abstract deity than the traditional Egyptian pantheon. He built religious monuments to the Aten at a number of sites, but primarily at eastern Karnak and at Akhetaten (‘horizon of the Aten’), the latter being a new capital city established by him on supposedly virgin ground at the site now known as Amarna in Middle Egypt. It is Amarna that has given its name to the period encompassing the reigns of Akhenaten and his brief successors. Because Akhenaten and his activities were reviled soon after his death, virtually all of his monuments were dismantled and his name was erased from those that remained. Consequently, it was not until the work of 19th-century archaeologists that the history of the Amarna period began to be reconstructed from the many surviving fragments.

then we have those in the 21 st century AD, often I see here in Luxor or Thebes as Akhenaten would have known this area, People with the same features as the ancient Pharaohs,

unlike the ancients who seemed to adore the sculptors making images of them, the ladies of today do not like infidels taking their pictures so I have had to blur the photo a little., not that I should care after the way these people treat me, welcome to luxor they all say, do not believe it, all they want is our money,

Nefertiti, well those Germans are still adamant they have papers to say they own the bust, and I hope they do Egypt cannot even look after what it has.

what with all the lies as to what went missing from the collections etc.,

my post from last february

Sphinx head uncovered in Luxor

I am sorry to tell those of you who criticize my blog like

I am not a reporter or a news commentator. if you do not like what i write go to another blog but as you will find there are no blogs on the truth in Egypt it annoyed me to see this 3500 year old site being dug up by earth removers, under the blessing of our great minister of antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass. 4/3/2011 now he has stepped down who will get blamed for all this destruction of antiquities?????

today the 13th January 2011 , The almost complete head of one of the sphinx from the avenue that goes from Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple was unearthed,

these date back 3500 years and are a major find here in Luxor,

"sphinx head"

The Head is almost complete.... since the revolution the head has gone missing,'.

and today the 16th feb .after the unrest here in Egypt this head has disappeared,

this one was also found but in 3 pieces,

the two pieces were dug up quite close together

the site of the find

"luxor temple"

luxor temple and part of the new avenue of the Sphinx the existing avenue of the Sphinx looking towards Luxor Temple.

Looking towards Karnak Temple the crane and pylon is clearly visible from two and a half kilometres away.half a kilometre from here is luxor Temple

This site is just behind the Coptic church here in Luxor the whole three kilometre of the avenue is now dug up this and three more holes are yet to be explored. they , the ministry of antiquities know that this is a major dig to uncover Egypt,s antiques but the whole 3 kilometre was dug up by large excavators taken away by the 50 ton lorries and dumped on landfill this area where they are now is being explored by hand, in the first day of digging they find these two pieces , they say there was once 1000 sphinx along this avenue, so why did they dig so deep by machine, and where are the rest of the sphinx,

one day we will have another Dr Zahi Hawass digging in the landfill, claiming he has found another avenue of the Sphinx,

I have been watching this dig for the past 4 years, and all I see is a slap dash way to do things no care is taken in what they dig out or rebuild, and we have the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities,shouting at the rest of the world to take care of Egypt’s treasures, the Obelisk in Central park has come under threat to be taken back if its not looked after, is it in a worse state of repair than the one here in Karnak Temple,click on the image to see there are no hieroglyph on half of the artefact,

Thomas cook, in luxor egypt

well its a first I actually got my money back from Thomas cook branch in luxor Egypt.

wonders will never cease just goes to show how in the right they were over this matter of telling lies.

and yes it was Qatar airlines who cancelled the flight, the only bit if truth in the whole saga,

this money will be put to one side as soon as my court case is finished I will be out of this country and back to Wales.

at least there I will find some honesty, I know in a few weeks the pain of arthritis will start again and I will be back in a wheelchair,

I just cannot cope with all these liars its as if they tell the truth the whole of Islam will come crashing down,

and there in the security of my homeland I can write the truth about this hell hole they call Egypt,

lovely country shame its full of Egyptians, as one Englishman said a few years ago.,


one thing I will miss is being able to walk in the sun every day, I will miss the sunsets and birdwatching,

but I will be glad to get away from the mosquitoes. I have shown this area before 50 yards from the Winter Palace Hotel,

here we have a cesspit from the horse shit and piss, now its a breeding pool for the mosquitoes. who have a tendency to look for us foreigners what its like in the hotel itself is another question, if its bad in my flat 400yds away. the beer gardens Hamees and Sinbads are the best places to go for a night out there you can give blood at leisure while having a cheap beer. not only do the mosquitoes bite but sinbads has a tendency to sting those who drink a few beers, even though he is a Muslim selling the infidel beer, also be a bit weary of the food, it tends to give one the delly belly.


another 4 hours spent in the waiting room of the guvorner of Luxor’s Office. I saw this photo hanging on the wall where once a photo of the young president Hosny mubarak hung, rather a pun” as some say he is going to hang from the neck until dead for crimes committed against the people.

but like this photo its very nice on first glance unlike the people who come to visit the guvorner I see the flaws in this photo its not real just like Egypt is not real and full of lies, take a good look at the photo its like a game of spot the difference but this is in one photo. this is a bottom half photo of the cornish (promenade)taken from the new winter palace building at about 12 noon. this building was taken down in 2008. the sunset is also a real photo. but the sun does not set in the south here in luxor the sun sets in the winter at 40 d north west in June it sets behind the Valley of the queens at 90d north west. but its a rather pleasant photo much better than the previous one hanging there. while admiring the view of the nile and thebes mountain range that’s home to over 100 tombs and temples I could reel them off as most I have visited and photographed,you can see them or some of them on this link apart from the new tombs unearthed over the past 3 years after the demolition of the tomb robbers houses, not that the tombs are worth visiting all they are now are holes in the ground thanks to the incumbency of the great Dr Zahi Hawass, allowing 50 years of desecration of these tombs. and to my mind Hawass was nothing more than a tomb robber, harsh words \i hear you say after all Zahi did for Egyptology corruption is corruption no matter what colour its painted, and it seems the corruption is still here he gets a year in jail for land theft and another year for letting space in the museum but has been made head of antiquities, how is he going to do his job from a prison cell.

here my problems have come to another door, well the same door but this time the door should have been opened as it was the army general Mohamed . who wanted a word with Mohamed / sheikh.

Now lets see who has tried to get my problem sorted, first there Was AND IS, Achmed Agab who took over from the corrupt Dr Samir faraq, his last phone call a month ago told me to go and collect my money,

then the new Governer Khaled Took office, he said he had seen the sheikh but never said anything about my problem he in turn referred me to general Mohamed who said he was going to have a word with the sheikh last night, and he will phone me at 9 in the morning, I asked him you sure 9 in the morning, well its now 12.03 in the afternoon even though I sent general a text stating that he too has come to a closed door, he still has not phoned me maybe he is not well enough to get to his mobile at 2.00 this afternoon I shall phone him that will have given him 24 hours to get back to me,



samir faraq his photo taken from one of the protest banners






thomas cook have an office in luxor a prime site next to the winter palace hotel. where they have at least 10 staff a manager 2 office managers , no wonder they claim a loss Europe’s second-biggest travel firm said on Monday it expected around 35 million pounds (US$57 million) to be knocked off its profits in the second half of the year compared with its initial projection of 20 million. is that £ $ Euro or EGP.

luxor airport

1st MAY.2011, 21.00, At this very minute i should be in Doha flown there on flight no QR 517 that’s Qatar airways 517, there I had to wait 2 hours for my connection flight to Bali Denpasar airport is where my daughter was going to meet me off the plane and we were going to spend a few days together its almost 10 years since I last saw my daughter, but thanks to Thomas cook staff here in Luxor Egypt my plans have been scuttled mainly by lies, 5 days ago quatar air had cancelled the flight QR517, but Thomas cook did try and phone did come to look for me , but I gave them the wrong mobile number and they could not find my address. lets start with the mobile no. I can never remember my no, so I have to look it up in my phone directory first I ask for the number I need to ring .. dail the number so by magic my phone no is implanted to the mobile I need to contact and all I need to do then is press memorize and that number is stored and vice versa he then asks for a name and presto we have each others phone numbers, cant be to many tony in luxor now can there , WOULD HAVE A REAL JOB FINDING MOHAMED YES

a very angry Tony on arriving at luxor airport finds out about the cancellation of a flight he had booked, and phoned Thomas cook Mustafa answered the phone and blurted out his lies, and I was getting more and more angry so rather than him making a fool of himself and more to the point umwaa. I walked out of the airport . with some very bemused police I had just entertained with my broken Arabic questions , they must have thought the stupid man had come a day or two to early. realizing my mistake I left the airport terminal in a hurry to save any more embarrassment . 30 le to the airport from luxor so I flagged a taxi down and another one came stopping with screeching brakes. he jumped out of his vehicle and started shouting at the driver I had stopped, me i was off down the road, bollocks to more hassle . i intended to walk half a kilometre and get a service bus that will cost 1 le into the city centre, then this other screeching of brakes. jump in he said this car was first in line, 30 le i said luxor centre , OK he said , then as if by magic this taxi driver had lost his English where go he asked. after 8 years I know the game, and its time to play games back.

as the driver turned to take the longer 100le route to the centre of Luxor. all was nice and quiet not been on this route for a long time so enjoyed the scenery

not in any hurry to get back and have a face to face with the liar from Thomas cook, this route is about 10 k longer than the direct route to the centre of Luxor. so i knew there was more agro coming from this driver. on arriving at the Isis hotel that’s 2 kilometre from my flat. the driver again asked where i go. well i said is this the centre of luxor. yes it is. the new governor of luxor has moved things about has he is he another samir faraq, i asked. the only thing the driver understood was samir faraq,

he is in jail I was told in Arabic, yes i know, you should also be in jail , I said. OK where you go , HANY WAHIB SHOP, YOU KNOW HANY WAHIB SHOP OH YES” HE SAID.



YES HE SAID , well this is luxor centre as I got out of the car a making sure my bag was also out I gave him the thirty, 100le he shouted as i slammed the door shut, goodby

I said, and i heard another screeching of tyres. must have burnt a good 30 le off between all the 3 lots of screeching he did. by the time i got in my flat it was 6.30. drop the bags off and just enough time to get to Thomas cook office for a showdown, no point in leaving it until the morning as agreed on the phone from the airport. by then morning staff would be on and no bugger would have a clue as to what i was there for, on entry in the office a very worried Mustafa was confronted by a very angry Welshman, while in the taxi I went through what exactly was said when i decided to buy my travel tickets to Bali,

what’s with all these fukin lies mustafa, what with sheihk tyeb the judges, lawyers and police lying its enough being lied to without a travel company such as Thomas cook lying, you can save all the lies for those first time tourists , But Mr Tony not our fault, never is I said, so whose fault is it , Qatar , oh no i said you knew this flight had been cancelled days ago, do you not think I had a right to know before i got to the airport, and again the bastard lied, saying I gave him the wrong number, oh I said so why did you not send someone to my flat 5 minutes walk from here, You gave us wrong address, to make it worse he said , we send someone to your address but you gave wrong address, well I said opposite my front door there is a furniture painting shop outside there is a very nosy man all he does is sit guard to the shop. I asked him seeing you already said i give you the wrong address, anybody look for Mr Tony . no he said. and i said I gave you my address from a bank letter my visa card came in . how did the bank get my visa to me if its the wrong address, no answer came, he made a few calls. and said come back at 9.30 in the morning and we go see Qatar air office , first i said can you get me to Bali on the 3rd, yes he said another lie, there are no flights until the 4th, look it up before we waste any more time, I will be here at 9.00 just to collect my money plus compensation,

now he tried to get hold of his manager, while doing so I told Mustafa of all the problems i had,, You Mr Tony from the hotel west bank, yes I said. then he said a German lady has been looking for you can I give her your telephone no, then his manager phoned to say I can see him in the morning, well that will be nice I said and started to leave, can I give the German lady your number, Yes I said and left.,

as i said the T C office is just around the corner to my flat, just as I got in my flat put a cuppa on the mobile rang, its me she said, not in any mood to have friendly banter with some stranger. I just said” ooh that’s nice, the line went quiet so I said how can I help you. its me she said again , without going into what was said, this is the lady the rep from Thomas cook was on about, I wonder how she got my phone number, and all the way from Germany, Thomas cook had just said I gave them the wrong number.

so here i will stay hoping to get my problem sorted out, ,

Will Egypt get justice’

Sheikhs ,ARE THEY above the law .

Now that the initial surge of the locals demands to getting their rights back are being dealt with things seem to have quietened down,

its OK it seems that the locals can claim their stolen land back and rightly so, many are claiming for land that was not theirs i.e. government land, so who is going to say what is what. On the end or the beginning of the cornish we have the Iberhotel, and across the road opposite the main lobby entrance there was a curved building this was the land registry office a place I spent a few hours looking at plans of the west bank mainly the Memnon amenhotep111 temple area, it took quite some time to get to see detailed map of the areas the maps showed all buildings that where existing before 1972, why is quite simple there has not been one single building built on the west bank with building consent not even the police station or any of the schools, IN 2010 THIS BUILDING WAS DEMOLISHED AND QUITE A FEW OF THE LAND REGISTRY FILES DISAPPEARED IN THE MOVE TO THE NEW OFFICE, NO RECORDS ARE OR HAD BEEN PUT ON COMPUTER, SO NOW SINCE THE 2011 REVOLUTION NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS AGRICULTURE LAND OR WHO OWNS WHAT, CONFUCIUS WAS BORN AGAIN WITH THE HELP OF DR SAMIR FARAQ,

Construction of the High Dam became a key objective of the Egyptian Government following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. pre 1952 of course the Nile inundated the land, Gamal Abdel Nasser SAW THE DIVISION BETWEEN RICH AND POOR AND GAVE THE POOR THEIR OWN LAND JUST ENOUGH TO FEED THEIR FAMILY, and in 1998 Mubarak made a law no building on Nile land that meant no building on land inundated by the Nile waters . covered his GREED FOR LAND quite well as not much land was covered by nile water after the building of the high dam in Aswan. THEN CAME THE REGIME UNDER MUBARAK MUCH OF THE NILE LAND WAS GIVEN TO THE PRESIDENT AND HIS SONS,

A night view from Aswan, looking west, towards EYESORE OF Moevenpick Hotel on Elephantine Island

Elephantine was a fort that stood just before the first cataract of the Nile. During the Second Intermediate Period (1650 – 1550 BCE), the fort marked the southern border of Egypt, BUT WAS OF NO IMPORTANCE TO MUBARAK AND HIS REGIME THEY BUILT THE OBEROI HOTEL AND SOLD IT TO MOVENPICK FOR 200 MILLION DOLLARS IN 2003. ANOTHER ISLAND WAS ALSO SOLD TO BUILD THE ISIS HOTEL THIS WAS WILDLIFE PROTECTED LAND.


WAS Dr Samir Faraq the only bad boy in luxor, I fear not there is no doubt he was corrupt, but he was not the only one. some sheikhs and head of villages got colossal amounts of money to put street lighting in the villages, some got money to build unneeded bridges across the canals, millions of Dollars have been squandered some sheikhs did quite well soon after receiving monies these sheihks were turning up at the begging bowl in new cars at the new office in Awameia, this office got the brunt of the destruction during the recent riots. as the people knew it as Samir’s office, who were the kingpins distributing this new found wealth???, question is, ARE THEY above the law .

maritem kings island resort

Hossen Galem an old friend of Hosni mubarak’

first reported on February 23, 2011

Still the British embassy has not got back to me so I am still on my own fighting for my rights, today I went to see Mr Ahmed Agab. Mr Agab has the enviable job of putting luxor to right after the Corruption of the guvorner DR Samir Faraq, first I reported on My findings on land grabbing and planning on dwellings on the island by

maritem kings island resort owners, click on to see what the island is supposed to look like,

Not as if there should be any buildings on this protected land anyway,

Ahmed who is now looking into the matter of land fill on Nile land and a protected area. as you leave the luxor area Ie turning point for the Sheraton hotel the road has been widened to take 3 lane traffic each way IE its a motorway many people have had the land stolen from them for this rather elaborate road to service the Jolly

maritem kings island resort Luxor

not one person was paid for this land. bad things were happening here I hear reports that some people who refused to give up the land were threatened with Jail,

even today they are still destroying arableland this is just outside the entrance of jolly ville

looks like they are going to build a four lane motorway with all this land they have stolen
the end of the four way lane motorway as it turns into a two way lane to the Island
the stagnant pool this road I am standing on is built on Nile land causing the Nile water to stop filling the reed beds and pools most of the fish in this pool have died from toxic pollutants from the banana island/ Awameia land fill area that I asked the Governor of luxor to stop filling even gave him photos of the toxic waste but he did nothing,

I IN 2009 sent an email to the minister of the environment but my mail was returned as spam.

the land fill to the left this part of the outlet goes through reed beds to the Nile so what they did was cut the pool in half if they had piped the base of the fill the water could have fed the stagnant pool
the farmers house he lost half his home and 2 x 300meters of arable land to the road widening and the widening of the bridge,
the land grabbing looking at this photo is more than three meters,this was a single road with a single lane bridge one was traffic lights were installed

they also built a control room for security on banana island land,

this is a village not a resort with single floor dwellings.
the buses all lined up waiting for the tourists to come back,and the taxies wonder why they have no work.
looks like this is not the end of the building the next lot of buildings my get a view of the Nile
certainly was vision and devotion, devotion to ruin the land of Egypt.and a vision to make money with total disregard for the environment and its people.

This is a friend who often took me around the island to photograph birds. one year ago the police put a stop to any fishing or boats going on this stretch of water, now I can see why.

today security tried to stop me going down to the bridge, but as you can see I went on Banana island land to the bridge to take photos and I went on the bridge until security appeared on the Island end of the bridge, what is wrong what are they afraid of?? and a rather good photo of my friend the fisherman.

several trees were also taken down in the widening of the road to the bridge, just one bloom of the remaining two trees ,

All this destruction to the land and village Of Awameia

the end of the mubarak touristic route,everywhere i look on this route land has been stolen just to feed traffic in and out of the kings Island.

enough cried the people no more taking down,


diarrhoea , horse shit

Luxor is getting to be the shit hole of Egypt this hole was dug as a continuation of the wall to the avenue of the sphinx not 200 yds from the main Temple of luxor now its being filled in with unwanted garbage ie what is not of any value , so its mainly sand and animal shit,.

here opposite the temple entrance in my block we have more rubbish this has been here for a few days and attracting a lot of flies, i suppose bad food tastes better than horse shit and gives the flies a varied diet.

horse drivers heaven the hose shit collected in the sacking can just be tipped out some he will put in the street trash bin, not much room for any rubbish.

garbage is collected as soon as the bins are full but only the paper plastic and cans will be sorted for the lorry the rest horse shit and sand will be collected in a few days and we knw now where that is tipped.this garbage bin is opposite the horse shit bin near the local ferry.

here the carriage driver can have lunch (kusherie )in the shade on his own private garden roundabout while his horse has to stand in the blistering sun.

these are the kids that harass the tourists; please give me money I am so hungry,

A farmer working the land gets on average 225 per month,Mc D beefburger coke and chips is 30 egp. so these kids can squander 90egp, 50 yards from here I get my lunch 2 fool and falafel with some meat 2egp , if i want chips that s an extra 1 egp,

lunch is over and the shoe sine boss needs his share of the money, so he can get himself some fool and falafel or kusherie at 2 egp.

I have never seen this man cleaning shoes all he does all day is go around the beggars. and try to exchange forged euros. paper and coins, once he makes an exchange he leaves the square before the person he has ripped off comes back he will then come back a few hours latter,these kids get so bored they are always fighting each other

here we are near the place the tourists disembark from the buses, for most its their first taste or is that smell of the cultural centre of the world,here the carriages are strategically placed so the tourist gets a real stable feel and can get a hands on (feet in) experience of horse shit and piss, and if they think this smells wait until tomorrow when they can smell their own excrement as they find themselves on the pan for most of the voyage of a lifetime down the polluted Nile river, here they will find out that cleaning and cooking food no matter how nice it looks after the chef has finished , will give them a dhely belly as 90% of tourists have already found out to their discomfort, they also bathe some will clean teeth, in the polluted waters that is pumped direct on board , the good news is mineral drinking water is supplied but only after they purchase a bottle for ex amount, I paid 10 pound with my first meal on board, when I got back to my berth there was enough water i.e. 3 bottles for the 3 day journey, my journey was thoroughly enjoyable as I knew before hand about the water cleaned my teeth with mineral water, and laid off any veg that had to be cleaned before distribution on the plate, my photos of the nile journey are on my website. .

Nile pollution is on this page

hot air balloons luxor egypt

Deborah Lehr, Zahi Hawass

ballons in the mist or is that smoke,

many people take a trip of a lifetime in a hot air balloon over the area known as Thebes, some lucky ones get to look down at the Valley of the kings and queens even get to see the locals who sleep on their roof, and some get to glide serenely over the sugar cane fields. but all too often between December and May the sugar harvest season, they get an eye opener of a view or is that an eye watering view through the smoke of the burning sugar cane grass, some like the Chinese come ready prepared with smog face masks. the Muslim ladies will also be well prepared with the burka, not as if Muslim women would spend money on such an enjoyable thing as a balloon ride over world famous antiquities,,

Today my problem rises over a Muslim problem[excuse the pun] and I have to go and talk with the army general to ask some advice on how I can end my delicate problem with the sheikh who promised to pay me every six months read this link tells some of my story on being caught up in corruption,,, there is even a photo of an 18th dynasty piece in the hands of the swindler Mohamed Awad. its not only smoke that blinds people as recent events in Egypt has proven, some of this smoke is not just from the sugar, especially on Fridays when Thursday night sees a surge in wedding and other ceremonies, where the hash is passed around with whatever people prefer to smoke it in, not mr Awad he prefers his opium, for his sinus problem, and whiskey in a 7up bottle,

Luxor temple at dusk can even see the mountains of Thebes in the distance before they make the fires,


March 24th

I would like to thank Deborah Lehr, through George Washington University’s Capitol Archeological Institute, for organizing a petition calling for the protection of Egypt’s antiquities, monuments, and archaeological sites.

He could or would not protect antiques from his own countrymen,,

Flie (Diptera )on the wall

the tail of the beast can be used for swatting flies, now isn't that a useful bit of information.

Flie basking in the early morning sun; True flies are insects of the order Diptera . They possess a pair of wings on the mesothorax and a pair of halteres, derived from the hind wings, on the metathorax.

the reason for this blog is;With the horse stables out side of the Temple of Luxor my flat has become home to lots of bloody flies, this photo is one of the largest.


this is one from my garden in Wales and is thinner than the Egyptian fly, just goes to show how much food there is here in horse shit.

and a few more flies from my blog,



,the telephone bicycle parking lot

the lower promenade path. never seen the place so quiet,

Dr Zahi Hawass


Sun Apr 10, 5:30 am ET

Thieves stole around 1,000 relics from museums and archaeological sites across Egypt since protests against the government broke out in January, Egypt’s minister for antiquities Zahi Hawass said Sunday in a newspaper interview.

“We are investigating all the incidents to find the items. Up until now we have identified many culprits, criminals who were looking for gold or mummies and who lacked knowledge of the value of the items they stole,” he told Spanish daily El Mundo.

“They were not organised, they lived near the archaeological sites where the objects were kept. They would take advantage of the night to enter the archaeological sites and pillage,” he added. “A Roberts adds” there are no police on duty as we all know they are sulking because the corruption has stopped. so why would they apprehend a thief in the daytime never mind in the dark hours,

“About 1,000 objects were stolen, none of them major items. There is an inventory of everything and it will be difficult for the items to leave the country.”

no one had any problems before Mr hawass, never heard of parcel post? that is what the police said to me.

The inventory of all the items that were stolen during the uprising and the weeks of unrest that followed will be given to UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, Hawass said.

The tomb of Hetep-ka at Saqqara and the tomb of Em-pi at Giza as well as the Egyptian museum in Cairo, which houses most of the King Tutankhamen collection, were among the places targeted by thieves, he added.

during the riots 28th Feb, most of the looting of Jewellery shops etc was done by the secret police thugs, so maybe you should be checking them,

Hawass was named minister of antiquities last month. He had served as head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and later became minister of state under ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

and this story is a load of bollocks, they had not finished the inventory of the cellars of the museum. they knew pre 25/1/11 many pieces had been pilfered at the time they claimed it was security staff. when asked how long will it take to make the inventory of the thousands of pieces in the cellars they said at least 2 years, so how come suddenly they can give the list of stolen items to UNESCO, the UN cultural agency as Hawass said.

Is the good doctor going to explain to UNESCO ” who put an order on the demolition of the tomb robbers houses in Thebes in 1972″,

where has all the carvings and wall paintings gone from the tombs they found after the demolition in 2009 the robbers had almost 40 years of unhindered theft /pillaging of the tombs and the two underground temples, not one wall or ceiling was found intact,

, one item from luxor, the complete head of one of the sphinx, that disappeared and was not on any inventory, I saw and photographed this being unearthed 13/1/2011,

In 2006 I gave The police and Zahi Hawass a cd with several photos one being 18th dynasty part of a coffin, that was sold to a German named Jurgen Engels who also has a collection of 250 funery cones, nothing was done to retrieve these pieces of antiques, by hawass or the antiquity police of Luxor. two Ramases 111 statues were unearthed while excavating for footings for a house near Seti 1st temple in Gurna. My camera and computer was used to distribute these photos by the dealer Mohamed Achmed Mohamed Awad, these where sold to a Saudi Arabian dealer for 3 million $, the corruption here was not just with mubarak and his cronies but almost every high ranking officer, no one pissed here without them knowing, [who am I ] just someone who was conned out of my money and home with the help of people like Zahi Hawass, Judges and police,,

About 1,000 relics stolen during Egypt ....

AFP/File – An Egyptian worker cleans some of the archeological pieces inside the Egyptian Museum on February 16.

last year I visited the museum and it was just like Indiana Jones and the tomb raiders I had to wipe cobwebs off my face,

Mr Mohamed and his piece of a pharaonic coffin 2006.


GETTING THE PHARONIC HEAD OF A COFFIN INSPECTED FOR AUTHENTICITY By Professor Strawinsky from the polish dig Above Hatshepsut Temple

,P S. if this drug addict Mohamed Awad thinks I am going to give up the fight for my rights, now he has the help of the Sheikh who has not given me my second payment. he can think again. the payment is now 2 months overdue and he has no interest in hearing my side of things like being blackmailed by the forger Mustafa Atea.[lawyer]

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